Friday, February 13, 2009

Mr. Mom

James current role is Mr. Mom. Because I am sick. With the stomach flu. There is nothing I hate more than puking. Lucky me, I only got morning sickness when I forgot to eat before bed. Two times that I can think of, one was in Las Vegas. We were watching the filming of the final table of the Bellagio Poker Classic, for the World Poker Tour so we had skipped dinner. By the time we ate it was 10pm and I was starving. The next morning I puked in the restroom of the Orleans Hotel. I'm sure every woman in that bathroom thought I was just hungover, and not 5 months pregnant. The other time was just a few weeks later, over Christmas break, I just felt icky and must have forgotten to eat because I found myself again head hanging over the toilet. Then a month after that I ate some cereal I thought might have tasted funny, and turns out the milk was bad. Three hours later when I was still puking and now thinking I was having contractions, we made a trip to the ER and they sent us straight up to the Maternity Floor. Where I proceeded to puke on the nurse that just 4 months later would help deliver Lily. Destiny was a great nurse! She taught me all about the self medicating epidural button.

Anyways, I hate puking. I'd rather do a lot of other things than puke. But ever since I had a baby, I get a tummy bug at least 2x a year. Must be daycare. My first day back at work after Maternity leave, I ended up leaving at lunch because I got sick. Turns out it wasn't jitters from leaving my baby at daycare. So I missed my first two days back at work. And of course Lily's had 3 bouts with the tummy bug. Her last one was last Friday. I thought she drank bad milk. As quick as the puking had come on, it ended. She started at 11pm and was sound asleep and no more puking by 1am. And she was all better the next day.

So when I went to bed Wednesday night I could tell something was wrong. My stomach hurt, like it hurts the day before a big test or interview. I didn't sleep a wink. Tossing and turning all night. James had to leave for work by 6am, because he was heading out towards Topeka. So I had to suck it up, get Lil up and ready for school and drive her there. I made it there and back. Then the sickness came on. I spent all day yesterday in bed, either reading, sleeping or surfing the web. James got Lily from school, picked up my requested chicken noodle soup and roll from Panera (which is still in the fridge because I started getting sick again). Then he fed Lily dinner, got her in her PJ's, helped her write her school Valentine's for today's party, got Lily in bed and asleep with no fussies, took a shower, then went to the store to pick up the frosted sugar cookies I was supposed to make from scratch, but purposely signed up for in case I couldn't because I know the store has great ones!

And they left the house this morning at 630 so he could get her to school by the time they opened at 7am so he could still get to work only a few minutes late. And he did all this while battling either a cold, allergies or a sinus infection. And not once did I hear a complaint out of him. He even said he'd be home early today and would take care of cleaning the kitchen and I shouldn't worry about it.

I love Mr. Mom!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Office Candy Stash

I think I just had one of those sugar rush-crash and burn-type of things. I started off the day fairly well. Had half a bagel with peanut butter for breakfast. My mid-morning snack was a WW twinkie worth just 1 point. And lunch was home-made chicken enchilada soup, with a few lime tortilla chips for the crunch factor. Then, I ate a cupcake. Two in fact. And I'm not going to lie they were gooood. I don't know if they were 10 points good, but none the less. Now I'm feeling tired, I have no energy. I.Want.More. I want another cupcake, some chocolate milk and M&M's.

And I have none. So I'm being a good girl, going back to my original plan for the day and eating my apple and mini bag of popcorn. But that's because I'm out of M&M's.

For the last 4 years I've had a co-worker who keeps her largest file drawer full to the brim of candy. Turns out she wasn't the one putting the candy there. It was another co-worker that left the company. So no more candy drawer.

And months ago someone at work gave me a 5lb! bag of red and green Peanut M&M's. I locked them in my desk. And they stayed there forgotten about for the most part, until someone had a bad day, then I got out the keys, we all stood around and ate a handful and locked them right back up. We've had this bag since Dec. It's fed more than 12 people in that time span. Then last week I got a wild hair and turned the M&M duties over to someone else. Because I have to start taking my keys home with me now. Because there are un scrupulous characters that like to steal products in development from my floor. But that someone else didn't follow the rules and left the bag out in the open on his desk. And then my co-worker M ate the rest of the bag yesterday. A 1/4 of a 5lb bag of M&M's. Gone. Bye-bye. She's the kind of girl you love to hate. She eats a lot. Bad food too. Deep fried Mexican food. Ice cream every day. Whole (gasp) milk in her latte. And she tips the scales at a big bad 115lbs.

Life's not fair. I've got to Jazzercise my tush off tonight. No low impact for me. Its high impact all the way.